late twenties.

on the search for health - on my way from high raw low fat vegan to more a more starch based approach - and positivity. come along on my journey !

also: feminist. diy enthusiast. amateur photographer. tattooed. nerd. music lover. interior design fan. djane. cartography & urban landscape fan.
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my package from came today. so fast ! i ordered it yesterday ! amazing !!
i got some hemp seeds (tried it in my smoothie right away), raw cacao powder, raw cashews and raw chia seeds (chia chocolate pudding later ?!). yay. can’t wait to taste it all !

for breakfast i had an orange and a banana.

lunch is a green smoothie with spinach, field salad, parsley, banana, strawberries, hemp seeds, ginger and a lot of lemon. pretty bitter with a hint of sour. don’t quite know if i like it yet. maybe not so many ingredients at once, keeping it simple…

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